Disposable Paper Coffee Filters

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The fantastic disposable paper filters for pour-over brewers.

Each filter is for single-time use. The coffee filter bags are licensed and certified. Bonded without the use of any glues or chemicals.
The hanging ear hook design makes it simple to use and convenient to make a good tasting coffee in less than 5 minutes.
Once you finish making your coffee, simply dispose of the filters bags.
Great for making excellent coffee at home, camping, traveling, or in the office!

Type A- Drip Coffee Filter Bag Hanging Ear Style
Type B- Coffee Filters Paper Brew 



How to use:
1. Open up the flaps from each side of the filter bag and place it in your cup.
2. Simply grind your favorite coffee beans, pour the measured coffee grind into your dripper.
3. Add a bit of boiling water and let it sit for about 30 seconds. And then Slowly pouring boiled water through the filter bag.
4. Dispose of the filters bag and enjoy your coffee.

Material: Paper
Filter Type: Disposable Filters

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