Gift - D'Bravo Classic + 2 Premium Espresso Cups

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The Finest Gift for Your Loved Ones

D'Bravo Coffee celebrates the gift of sharing with high-end magnetic boxes filled with the finest coffee and with two premium espresso cups made of cork and ceramic. 
All included in this gift!

Content of the Gift:
- 200g of D'Bravo Classic Coffee, whole beans and pre-grind options.
Premium coffee exquisitely roasted in a Traditional Wood Fired Oven.
Authentic blend made from the finest beans from Africa and South America, combining in a balanced way, body, aroma and flavor.
100% Aromatic Pure Coffee without additives or preservatives.
- 2 espressos cups, combined cork and ceramics - two noble materials straight from Portugal, both of which have a long tradition in the country. The use and combination of these materials, in an innovative and differentiating manner, naturally brings us to the most sophisticated dimension of contemporary home design.
- Available black premium magnetic gift box or carton gift box.

A holiday invitation to make merry...

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