Semi-Automatic Coffee Machine

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Semi-Professional Coffee Machine

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Save Money and Spend Less Time Going to Coffee Shops
Drink an Extraordinary Good Coffee at Home

Semi-automatic espresso machines are one of the best ways to brew quality coffee and espresso at home.

It offers you the best balance between manual and automatic, giving you both control and convenience. 
The 15 bar high pressure lets you control the pressure and temperature of brewing, providing you a phenomenal pure coffee taste.

You have complete control over the pump which allows you to adjust the strength and flavor of your espresso.

Become a Home Barista

The new electronic temperature control technology ensures that the extracted coffee is stable at the right temperature each time.

With the 850W strong steam you can adjust the steam temperature and humidity, easy usage and the milk foam is fine and delicate.

Type: Espresso Coffee Maker
Function: ESPRESSO
Voltage (V): 220V-240V
Housing Material: Aluminum
Certification: RoHS
Power (W): 850W
Model Number: SF3528
Color: Black
Water tank capacity: 1.6L
Cord length: 0.8m
Weight: 3.21kg
Pump pressure: 15 Bar

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