Italian Semi-Automatic Electric Home Coffee Machine

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Italian Semi-Automatic Espresso Electric Home Coffee Machine

The achievement of Espresso's fragrance, 15 bar high pressure, easy to make the steam instantly penetrate the cellulite cell wall. The lipid essence inside the coffee is completely released with thick oil, fragrant smooth and delicate taste.

The body is equipped with a pressure gauge. When the extraction starts, it will display the current state of extraction pressure value, the powder is too fine, the pressure is too large, the powder is too thick, the pressure is too small, etc. Intuitively feel your coffee properties!

850W strong steam, easy to play dense milk foam, smart knob, can adjust the steam temperature and humidity, the milk foam is fine and delicate.

Electronic temperature control technology ensures that the extracted coffee is stable at the right temperature each time.

Brand Name: SONIFER
Capacity (Cup): 5-10 cups
Function: ESPRESSO
Voltage (V): 220V-240V
Type: Espresso Coffee Maker
Housing Material: Aluminum
Certification: RoHS
Power (W): 850W
Model Number: SF3528
Color: black
Water tank capacity: 1.6L
Cord length: 0.8m
Weight: 3.21kg
Pump pressure: 15 Bar