Refillable Coffee Capsule: New

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Welcome to the New World of Coffee.

This is the New and High Quality Reusable Coffee Capsule!

Use Your Own Fresh Ground Coffee, Unlimited Refill.
Made with Stainless Steel and Easy to Use.
No More Pre-Picked Pods, Reduces Waste and Save Money!
Compatible with Most Coffee Machines. Nespresso Size Capsule.
Sustainable Living, Brews the Perfect Cup!

High Quality: Stainless steel, durable, reusable, BPA free, completely safe to use.
Easy to Fill And Clean: Choose your favorite coffee and have it taste the way it should. Clean up quickly with warm, soapy water.
Save Money: Not only are you saving the environment when you use our reusable filter, you're also saving tons of money in the process. Depending on how much coffee you consume, you could be saving hundreds or thousands of dollars each year.
Compatibility: These capsules work for all kinds of Nespresso Coffee machine models (Except U Series).
Environmental Protection: When you choose to use our reusable and refillable capsules, you're making contributions to saving our planet away from more plastic and aluminum.

This product is not available in retail stores!
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Material: Stainless Steel
Filter Type: Permanent Filters
Matieral: 304 Stainless Steel
Capacity: 5g of Pre-Grinded Coffee
Compatible: Nespresso Machines

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